Keeping IH Legends Alive, One Part At A Time

Keeping IH Legends Alive, One Part At A Time

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Adapter Mounting Plate For Grammer Seats IH International SMP200 NEW

New Aftermarket

Fits 706 826 1206 826 1026 756 856 1256 1456 766 966 1066 1466 1566 786 886 986 1086 1486 1586

This plate adapts adjustable base Grammer seats to fit on listed IH models.  Width is 11.94".  Front to rear measurement is 8".  Plate to tractor mount holes are round, .66" in diameter, 9.94" apart C to C measuring side to side.  First seat to plate mount hole from front of plate to center of hole is .77", the second is 3.83" from front of seat plate to center of hole.

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